I now have a collection of pre-recorded Zoom classes available below. I appreciate, not everyone has 75 minutes in their day for a practice, so they will vary from 15 minutes to 75 minutes.These are for anyone, who wishes to practice the class again, or those who haven't had the opportunity to join us in one of our live sessions. To enable me to provide these recordings for everyone to use, they are done so on a donation basis. The donation button can be found above. If you would like to participate, simply subscribe to the online class invite above, to obtain the access passcode.

75 minute classes

Heading 2

May 20th, 2022
Identifying unhelpful distractions


The skill of our practice is about noticing and tending to anything that disturbs our ability to remain introceptively quiet.

April 1st, 2022
Coming to our senses


We are becoming more reliant on outsourcing our senses, which in turn diminishes our ability to self regulate. Self regulation is essential for our health, and dropping in to our senses is maybe just what we need. 

March 11th, 2022
Unhindered movement
begins with grounding

It's in the releasing of muscles, which permits freedom of movement. The ability to find skeletal support through our points of contact, is a vital one, to unhindered movement.

Feb 18th, 2022
Your body is your subconscious mind


With the understanding that our body is our unconscious mind, we should therefore enter the tissues with care, patience and self compassion. 

Date: Jan 28th, 2022
A refined approach


The asana (postures) are a container for an experience, and not a way of blindly repeating movements. if we are interested in yoga, we have to be interested in how we can refine our approach.

Dec 3rd, 2022
A downward dog is for life,
not just for Christmas

We will be richly rewarded by cultivating a regular practice throughout our lives. This is a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one!  

Nov 12th, 2021
Postures aren't something to be held


Class description to follow

Oct 15th, 2021
Changing behaviour through our neural perception

Class description to follow

Oct 8th, 2021
Uninhibited movement


Class description to follow

Sept 17th, 2021
Make the moment vital and
worth living

Class description to follow

Aug 20th, 2021
Close your eyes and wake up


Class description to follow

 July 16th, 2021 
Finding the comfortable in the functional

Class description to follow

May 6th, 2022
Don't just do something, sit there.


Just to experience such sustained elemental stillness outwardly and the interior silence that can accompany it is ample reason for arranging ones life to cultivate and breathe this possibility. (JBZ)

If being active is one of the strongest correlation's to a healthy life, then I would argue Yoga is well placed to explore not just movement, but the ability to increase our movement repertoire. 

March 4th, 2022
Time to arrive


We are so caught up in accomplishing and achieving, that the opportunity to find time to settle, is an important part of my approach. 

Feb 11th, 2022
Shhhhhhhhhoulders, The sequel


This is a continuation of the previous weeks class, involving a kinder and more skilful approach to the shoulders.

Jan 21st, 2022
Dissipating tension


Our main source of dissipating tension is through a steady and comfortable support. Support underpins our movement, including the breath. In this class, we explore this understanding.

Nov 26th, 2021
Attention is the primary tool of yoga


Attention is where we begin our journey. Without our primary tool of attention, we are in danger of mechanically going through the motions. With the practice, we cultivate this vital quality of attention.

Nov 5th, 2021
Self observation is easy, when we
are not perfecting postures

Class description to follow

Oct 8th, 2021
Uninhibited movement


Class description to follow

Oct 1st, 2021
Quiet the mind, open the heart


Class description to follow

Sept 10th, 2021
It's not about feeling a certain way, but feeling the way you feel

Class description to follow

   Aug 6th, 2021,
Let go from the get-go


Class description to follow

 June 28th, 2021
A 15 minute self reflection

Class description to follow

April 8th, 2022
Sensing is an act


What we experience is not through knowledge, but through our ability to sense ourselves continually, from a quiet and kind attentiveness.

March 18th, 2022
No Pain-'Oh, Gain!


Yoga is primarily a way out of suffering. Therefore, we should not be reckless with our body, in order to perform postures. Pain is a very clear sign that something needs to change.

Feb 25th, 2022
Sense of self is our starting point


Our nervous system has evolved to keep us informed and safe within the world. Through our nervous system, we sense ourselves as a starting point to any yoga practice. This is explored throughout the class.

Feb 4th, 2022
Shhhhhhhhhoulders Pt1


Due to emotional reflexes within the body being continually triggered by life's events, it's no wonder that the shoulders need a little more attention. Here is an opportunity to be more attentive to their needs.

Jan 14th, 2022
Cultivating space


Do we have a practice which cultivates a sense of space within ourselves, rather than trying to fill these voids. We take the opportunity to reflect on this important approach, and acknowledge ourselves with space. 

Nov 19th, 2021
Slowing down, may provide the
alternative back drop

Class description to follow

Oct 29th, 2021
Meditation isn't what you think


Class description to follow

Oct 1st, 2021
Quiet the mind, open the heart


Class description to follow

Sept 24th, 2021
Can we meet this moment in it's fulness, without adding anything extra

Class description to follow

Aug 27th, 2021
An attentive mind is an empty mind


Class description to follow

 July 30th, 2021 
Learning to stand on our own two feet


Class description to follow

Before participating in any of these recorded classes,  please take the time to ensure you are practising in a safe environment, with sufficient clear space around you. You know your body best, and are therefore responsible for ensuring that you look after yourself by adapting and modifying postures according to your personal range of movement, and to stop any practices that make you feel unwell. As these classes are recorded, and I am unable to give advice or modifications, please stay as present as possible, and be lead by your own experience. 

Please be aware, that you practice yoga at your own risk. It is highly unlikely, but if you have any concerns during practice, please stop immediately.