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I truly believe that yoga should serve the student, and that our practice should be functional, relevant, and help us live a full life. I have been a student in many classes over the years, where this has certainly not felt the case, and has taken a performative based approach, rather than an informative, contemplative and functional approach. I believe this can be intimidating, off putting and unhelpful to anyone who is interested in attending a yoga class for the first time. I don't teach yogaerobics or stretch-ercise, I make a strong case to differentiate between yoga, exercise and performance. You will never hear me say "feel the stretch", "no pain, no gain", or "keep up". However,  I will invite you to move, breath and relax, with balance, steadiness and composure, at your pace. This isn't about avoiding difficult postures either, but to approach them with open attention, intention, ease and stability.

My personal yoga journey originally began whilst working and living in London in 1995. However, it would be another six years until I plucked up the courage to attend a class. After that initial class, I found something extremely moving and intriguing about this fresh, yet ancient approach to mind and body, which both needed great care and nurturing back to some kind of health, having suffered from eating disorders and anxiety throughout my teens and twenties. Having been a regular at the gym, I began to notice the balancing impact of Yoga upon my life. Fast forward twenty seven years, a lot of training, and a deep dedication to this beautiful practice, I teach 12 weekly classes across Nottingham, Leicester and Manchester, and it has taken me to Spain and Italy too. I have developed and implemented Yoga programmes for premiership football clubs, whilst being the Yoga teacher for Spire healthcare at St Georges park, working along side the England men's senior football team, and sport science department. I also run workshops for the Rugby Football Union, at their training centres in the Midlands, and work within various secondary schools within the midlands area, using meditation, asana and pranayama to give students the tools for dealing with the pressures of their forth coming exams. I teach anatomy and physiology at several yoga schools within the area.  

Over the past 15 years, I have given talks at corporate events, and Universities, within the field of Yoga, Health and well-being. I am regularly invited to teach an array of Yoga workshops at studios around the country and Europe.

I am also invited to teach Yoga workshops, at schools and studio's, for teachers and students.

As a recognised senior Yoga teacher, by Yoga alliance professionals, anatomy and physiology teacher, remedial massage therapist, and Thai massage therapist, I am able to bring functionality and relevance to the teachings, and to share my own practical insight into the anatomical aspects of Yoga.




My teaching style is very much reflective of my personal practice. The practice and teaching styles of postural Yoga are very broad, and I have had some wonderful teachers from many of the more traditional disciplines throughout the years. Though these have been invaluable in my own practice, I have drawn from all of my experience, allowing me the freedom to teach and guide my students safely and slowly, with an emphasis on trust, time and self reflection, within each asana.

Senior Yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy advanced studies program (Fundamentals)

Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy advanced studies program (Principles)

Peter Blackaby, Humanistic yoga studies program

John Stirk, What lies beneath advanced immersion program

Paul Grilley, Anatomy of yoga program.

Paul Grilley, The bare bones of yoga program.

Barefoot Body Trauma Informed Yoga Moduel 1.
VTCT Diploma- Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (QCF) (501/1873/0) (Qualified 2010)
Thai Massage Practitioner level (TTYMA)(CThA) (Qualified 2010)
Thai Massage Advanced level (Qualified 2011)
Remedial Massage (Dip RM MSM) (Qualified 2016)
Full membership of Yoga Alliance Professionals 
Full membership of NAMMT (National association of massage and manipulative therapists)

I would like to give special thanks to my wife Kaddy, family, students, and teachers, John Stirk, Pete Blackaby, Leslie Kaminoff, and the infinite wisdom and legacy of J Krishnamurti, to whom I am very grateful. They continue to inspire me, and to allow me to grow and develop, as a yoga student and teacher.  


Yoga Alliance. Always upholding the highest standards in yoga


I have had the privilege over the years, to provide a mentorship to students and new teachers of yoga. This gives the opportunity for both mentor and mentee to build a relationship through discussion, practice and exploration. I feel this is where a students full potential can be fully realised. As a registered senior yoga teacher, with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, I have been involved within the 200 hour yoga teacher training courses for over eight years. Whilst teacher training courses can provide an excellent learning structure and framework, a 200 hour teacher training course, is only ever intended to be a foundation course. In the words of Lizzie Lasater "completing a 200 hour teacher training programme, does not make you a yoga teacher. It is little more than an invitation to begin to learn how to teach yoga. it is an early step in a life long journey". A mentorship doesn't set out strict subjects, but gives the student an opportunity to grow, whilst being provided with support, encouragement, and a confidence, through enquiry. After all, this was how many teachers over time were trained, through this relationship, of student to teacher.



Comments from students and clients.

For the first time ever, I think I achieved a full yoga sensation at the end. My relaxed state was like lying on the softest cushion ever and I couldn't get up if you had paid me. I am so grateful for the opportunity you give me through your work to relax and take time to just be.
(A.M Radcliffe-On-Trent)

I love that you make it about working with the body and taking an informative approach rather than a performative one. Having done other classes in the past, this makes a real difference. I wasn’t sure how online yoga would work and although it’s not quite the same as a class I’m really enjoying it and love not having far to go at the end of a class! 

I have had a go at yoga a couple of times but never went back until I tried Chris's class. Even when the classes are hard he makes them enjoyable. Excellent teacher.
(A.T, Beeston)

I was lucky enough to have Chris as my Yoga teacher for 2 years. He's awesome! Get yourself signed up. (A.O Nottingham)

I have recently started Chris' online classes, and nothing is lost in the transmission of his gentle, sensitive and functional approach. I am so grateful I found his online classes. They provide me with the space and inner reflection that is so desperately needed at this time.
(E.H Georgia U.S)

I have been going to Chris'classes for a couple of years now and would highly recommend them. Chris keeps alive the spiritual side of yoga, with a wise word or two at the begining of each session, and tips and advice around meditation with which we always end. His style includes the gentle correction of postures with minimal invasion - a verbal prompt will often suffice, but real care and attention to detail, safety and observation of peoples progress. Top class!
(F. West Bridgford)

Chris has a wonderful teaching style, and always allows me to explore my deeper sense of self. I always feel nourished and balanced after his classes. I highly recommend his classes.
(C.D, Nottingham)

I always recommend my clients to Chris' classes, as he has a great knowledge of yoga, anatomy and physiology. My clients are always very grateful.
(D.D, Nottingham)

I managed to go to the next level inwards, through parts of the practice. Your teaching has just gone to the moon.  
I LOVE where you are able to guide me to now.

(N.L Nottingham)

What a wonderful and thorough massage. I feel fantastic !.
(J.R, Nottingham)

I feel totally relaxed, and energised. Thank you so much !
(A.P, Leicester)

Before I saw you, I felt sluggish and in pain. I feel so much better now, and move with much more ease. Thank you.
(H.S, Nottm)

Thank you Chris. I am so very grateful.
(V.O Nottingham)

Chris is an extraordinary teacher. He delivers authenticity, to a modern western audience. His words always seem to hold such relevance, and deep insight. He takes me towards a very quiet, calm and safe place within myself. 
(K.M Nottingham)

 I can't believe how much better I feel. Am I actually taller ?!
(J.E Nottingham)

Wow, what a wonderful massage.
(G.M Nottingham)

I no longer have any niggles after the game, and my recovery rate is much improved.
(D.J Manchester)


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