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I now have a collection of pre-recorded Zoom classes available below. These are for anyone, who wishes to practice the class again, or those who haven't had the opportunity to join us in one of our live sessions. To enable me to provide these recordings for everyone to use, they are done so on a donation basis. The donation button can be found above. If you would like to participate, simply subscribe to the online class invite above, to obtain the access passcode.

Heading 2

July 5th, 2024.
Meeting yourself.... (75 mins)


......where you are.

If the goal of yoga is transformation, and not performance, perfection or repetition, then we must always begin, by meeting ourselves, where we are!

June 13th, 2024.
Simple, is advanced.... (60 mins)


It is not uncommon to drag life's dramas on to our mat. When we simplify our approach, we are able to stop, before the drama starts.

May 24th, 2024.
With ease, is not easy... (75 mins)


It is common in modern postural yoga, that the shape has become the primary objective, and how we feel as we encounter the shape, as secondary.

May 3rd, 2024.
Reframing meditation... (75mins)


Meditation is a way of being, not a technique. We don't learn to meditate, but we learn to listen, feel and move in a way that reveals a sensitive and intelligent way of being.

April 11th, 2024.
A gradual resurfacing..... (65mins)


We reveal the key to our own rhythm, which is ancient and primal. It is there, but has been suffocated by so much doing and knowing. We gradually remove the layers, to find this primitive rhythm resurfacing once more.

March 14th, 2024.
Feel-better (75mins)


We are not trying to get better at doing postures, but using the postures to feel-better!! Both through noticing how skilfully we can sense ourselves, and how that promotes feeling well.

Feb 23rd, 2024.
A 'Frame'of reference.... (75mins)


When we are able to find our bones, muscles are able to relax and become responsive again. This allows us to find balance, and movement becomes smoother and effortless. We can refer back to our frame continually

Feb 1st, 2024.
An intuitive response (60 mins)


In practice, we can witness the intuitive muscular or connective tissue response, when we surrender all ordinary effort.This provides a sustainable method for maintaining optimal function and movement. (Peter Sterios)

Jan 12th, 2024.
A shared intention 

What once brought us to a yoga practice, may well have changed. It certainly has for me! Therefore, it's important to reflect on one's intentions from time to time, and to be clear on our how our practice is serving us.

Nov 24th, 2023.
Befriending our 

The modern postural practice has often encouraged students in to the 'unbridled pursuit of unlimited flexibility'. Yoga is about how we relate to our body, not what we do with it. Let's befriend our limitations.

Nov 3rd, 2023.
Where the physical................ 

...........coalesces with a state of beingness

The postural practice invites us to find a place of being, and is not separate from this inner quality. Asana, Pranayama and mediation are seamless.

Oct 13th, 2023.
Logical progression 

Logical progression is the acknowledgement, that many of the helpful earlier yoga applications and attitudes are no longer serving me or my students, and that we don't resist the ability to change and evolve.

Sept 22nd, 2023.
Functioning from a place of being 

Society defines us by what we acheive, not how we can be. My priority as a teacher and student is to find a way of being, within the scope of doing, as this is where the yoga is revealed.

Aug 25th, 2023.
From awareness comes sensitivity 

....................and from sensitivity comes intelligence. This is revealed through being in the body, fully awake. Modern yoga encourages us to stretch and force the body, which dulls it, rather than awakens it. 

Aug 4th, 2023.
The root of lightness

When exploring an unfolding from the ground, we can lighten ourselves, by giving depth and connection through our points of contact with the earth. This allows for a sense of stability, and a potential for movement. 

July 14th, 2023.
The technical paves the way.......

.....for the spiritual. In other words, the body work reveals that which is none physical.The breath (spiritus) has both physical and none physical qualities, voluntary and involuntary.

June 23rd, 2023.
Striking a balance.

As we continue from last week, with the understanding that yoga is defined by meditation, balance can help us explore relaxed effort and allowing things to happen, as we finally get out of our own way. 

June 2nd, 2023.
Gentleness is not a luxury.

Yoga is about coming to our senses. So, as we move towards a sense of self, a gentle approach is necessary, otherwise, we just repeat old unhelpful patterns, which block potential for sensitivity

April 28th, 2023.
Being in stillness.

Does our physical practice, draw us inwards towards a sense of being, or are we distracted by the physical doing. The work is developing a quiet mind, rather than perfecting postures, and as a result, a potential for stillness.

March 30th, 2023.
ROM should come by itself.

Range of movement should come by itself, and not as a priority. Our ROM is inevitable, our quality of experience is not. The potential for a quality of experience is only through our ability to remain attentive to our actions.

March 10th, 2023.
Meet yourself, where you are.

We start from experience, and not ideas. This is where we meet ourselves, from the reality of where we are. When we give time for this enquiry, our practice becomes kind, and uncomplicated.

February 17th, 2023.
Personal alignment revealed.

When we try to align ourselves with some external criteria, we bring about tension and conflict, but when we find support and lose tension, we have the potential to reveal our personal alignment.

January 27th, 2023.
Do our physical actions.................. our involuntary movements.

Our actions can invariably stifle the breath and body. This happens when we lose attention and our practice becomes mechanical. It also occurs from the need to keep doing. 

November 25th, 2022.
If you are kind to your body...............

It begins with a willingness to listen. Take the same attitude of kindness, as you would to a friend in need. Listen, with patience and compassion, and the body will respond in an incredible way.

November 18th, 2022.

The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit word, meaning union. This may appear to be something we have to find outside of ourselves. This couldn't be further from the truth. It's a revealing rather than an obtaining.

October 21st, 2022.
We are a response to our environment.

We are a response to our environment, and we live in a culture of speed. Therefore, it's no surprise we can feel overwhelmed and disorientated in life, due to this fact. We have to rebalance our lives!

September 30th , 2022.
Take the quietness with you.


The Asana (postures) are there to support our practice. No matter what the Asana, if these disturb, they are exercises, and not part of a Yoga practice. Are you able to take the quietness with with?

September 2nd , 2022.
Individuality promotes 
authenticity .

Authenticity is the degree to which our actions are consistent with our experience. This, is a personal practice, to which we are able to respond to how we feel, and lose the idea of making shapes, based on another's authority.

August 5th , 2022.
A breathing space.


Breathing is autonomic, not cognitive. We can access a quieter  and more comfortable breath process by losing tension, and reducing what interferes with it, rather than trying to learn new patterns of breathing.

July 8th , 2022
Putting Hatha (Force) in to context.

This is a personal favourite! How much force/effort is required within the postural practice. When we really understand yoga is yoga, and not exercise, we begin to realise excessive force is dangerous and unnecessary 

May 31st, 2022
Learning to feel more, and think less

Mr Duffy lived a short distance from his body. (James Joyce, Dubliners). Does this sound familiar? Life fragments us, and our practice can draw us back to a steady and unified sense of being.

April 14th, 2022 
What is revealed


The metaphorical layers (Koshas), are gradually revealed through a kind, compassionate, and sustained approach. Most of yoga philosophy is through experience as a consequence of our approach.

If being active is one of the strongest correlation's to a healthy life, then I would argue Yoga is well placed to explore not just movement, but the ability to increase our movement repertoire. 

March 4th, 2022
Time to arrive


We are so caught up in accomplishing and achieving, that the opportunity to find time to settle, is an important part of my approach. 

Feb 11th, 2022
Shhhhhhhhhoulders, The sequel


This is a continuation of the previous weeks class, involving a kinder and more skilful approach to the shoulders.

Jan 21st, 2022
Dissipating tension


Our main source of dissipating tension is through a steady and comfortable support. Support underpins our movement, including the breath. In this class, we explore this understanding.

Nov 26th, 2021
Attention is the primary tool of yoga


Attention is where we begin our journey. Without our primary tool of attention, we are in danger of mechanically going through the motions. With the practice, we cultivate this vital quality of attention.

Nov 5th, 2021
Self observation is easy, when we
are not perfecting postures

During this practice, I encourage you to use sensations to guide you, rather than trying to prefect positions. This has been a long time distraction of many students, and only acts as an obstacle.

Oct 8th, 2021
Uninhibited movement


We often get in our own way, when it comes to movement. How much of what we bring to our movement, is habit and tension, rather than just the right amount of effort. We explore this during the class.

Sept 17th, 2021
Make the moment vital and
worth living

A beautiful quote of Martha Graham's, All that is important is this one moment. Make the moment vital and worth living. Don't let it slip away unnoticed or unused. 

Aug 20th, 2021
Close your eyes and wake up


We often perceive more accurately when we close the eyes, and wake up to what is present within us.

 July 16th, 2021 
Finding the comfortable in the functional

This is what makes our practice relevant to how it helps us lead a fuller life. Being comfortable around functional movement is key to this approach.

June 27th, 2024.
You can't have it both ways.... (60 mins)


"Either the goal of yoga is to be free, or the goal of yoga is to get it right. You can't have it both ways. Because if you choose freedom, you have to divest yourself of that crazy idea that you have to get it right" (Leslie Kaminoff)

June 7th, 2024.
Where the yoga is... (75 mins)


The yoga is not something we obtain externally, we reveal it internally, through gentleness. This isn't dependant on achieving postures and repeating old habits, but really paying attention to how we get there.

May 16th, 2024.
If it's not personal... (60 mins)'s performative. When we develop a personal practice, we move in accordance to how we feel. We it's performative, we move in accordance to how we think.

April 25th, 2024.
Curiosity is the resolution to... (60mins)


 .......boredom. How we feel as we encounter movement can sustain our curiosity. Experiencing is movement, and through acknowledging the subtle involuntary movements, the mind can become settled.

April 5th, 2024.
Natures rhythm..... (75mins)


The ever increasing pace of life, can feel over whelming and inescapable. However, if we can come back to our primal qualities, of breath, ground, sensation and awareness, we can begin to effectively self regulate, once more!

March 7th, 2024.
Stillness (60mins)


As we meet the floor with commitment, the body lets go of its holding patterns, leading us to effortless movement, and a stilling of mind and body. 

Feb 15th, 2024.
Moving in to presence.... (60 mins)


........not postures. 

A practice begins with presence. A quality of presence is available to us wherever we are, and is not exclusive to a yoga mat. However, this can be a useful place to start.

Jan 26th, 2024.
The source of alignment 

The source of alignment is born out of our ability to be quiet, and sensitive enough to move with what is presented, rather than imposing an idea upon ourselves. Unnecessary effort will only ever obstruct that source.

Dec 7th, 2023.
Natures assist 

Both grounding and gravity are consistently available to us all. We can begin to deepen and simplify our practice when we use what nature is already providing.

Nov 17th, 2023.
The subtle body

When we do, the outer tissues are more involved. When things happen involuntary, the deeper tissues are involved, allowing the outer tissues to become quieter. This draws us in, towards the subtle body.  

Oct 27th, 2023.
Honouring a personal space 

Life can often feel threatening and overwhelming, causing our body to stiffen, closing down our inner spaces.Our practice should honour this, and move in to our inner spaces with lightness and respect.

Oct 6th, 2023.
Message in a body 

In our culture of mind-body bifurcation, many of us have been accustomed to ignoring the body's messages. A regular inner, compassionate listening of ones body, can begin the much needed process of healing.

Sept 15th, 2023.
Let us hear the heart 

The mind cries out, explains, demonstrates, protests; but inside me, a voice rises and shouts at it, "be quiet, mind, let us hear the heart!"
Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco 

Aug 18th, 2023.
Where head meets heart

Can we drop in to our felt sense, and function from the space surrounding the breath and heart. We mustn't be reckless when exploring this space, but tread carefully through it. 

July 28th, 2023.
Yoga text is meaningless............

.......unless experienced
Yoga was happening way before any texts were written upon the subject, so the philosophies can only confirm what we experience through practice.

July 7th, 2023.
Navigating from one's inner GPS.

We should never underestimate the importance of functioning from a place of authenticity. When we function from this place, our actions are consistent with our experience and understanding. 

June 16th, 2023.
One simple position.

The practice of yoga is defined by meditation. Physical postures can cut through the clutter that clogs up the mind, but the most powerful methods lead us to one simple position.

May 12th, 2023.
All sensations lead to one experience.

It can be easy to disturb ourselves during a practice, if our perception becomes clouded. What ever choices we make, can ultimately take us away or towards suffering, as all sensation lead to one experience. 

April 21st, 2023.
Yoga is............Well, being.

Wellbeing is defined as, 'the state of being comfortable and healthy'. We are a culture of doing, rather than being. Yoga is the changing of our inner state, and self regulation. 

March 23rd, 2023.
An existing intelligence.(60 mins)

We balance voluntary organisation, to reveal involuntary responses. (John Stirk) We then begin to learn from the resistance of the superficial tissues, to reveal the inner intelligence. 

March 3rd, 2023.
deepening sensitivity.

As we explore a deepening sensitivity, we feel more through being totally attentive to what we feel.  The skill is to allow the sensations in, with as little mental interference as possible. Otherwise our good intentions are misplaced.

February 10th, 2023.
Learning to let go.

In the words of Ray Bradbury, American Sci-Fi author, "Learning to let go, should be learned before learning to get". This is a powerful message for life, and also how we approach a physical yoga practice. 

January 20th, 2023.
Joyfulness cannot be taught.

............and the body cannot be forced! When we try to force a subtle outcome, we simply obstruct that potential. The voluntary movements, make way for the involuntary movements.

December 2nd, 2022.
The gift of Yoga.

 As Ram Das quoted, "The greatest thing you can do for another human being, is to get your own house in order, and find your true spiritual heart". Yoga is a gift!!.

November 4th, 2022.
Isolation is not integration.

Nothing exists in isolation. However, so often modern yoga takes on this approach to parts of the organism, rather than the whole. Can we integrate movement throughout, rather than just pushing, pulling and forcing.

October 14th, 2022.
An invitational quality.


Tissues, articulations and sensations are all a leap off point for a potential yoga experience. If we continually push against the body, we simply can't move beyond it. Cultivating patience, evokes an invitational quality.

September 16th , 2022.
If the focus is doing, we lose feeling.


When we become so distracted in trying to get somewhere, we actually forget the importance of slowing down and paying attention to how we feel. This is an important life lesson.

August 26th , 2022.
Distinguishing tension from effort.

Can we discriminate between support, effort and tension? It's not about what muscles we need to engage, but how well we meet support, and loose habitual tension through that enquiry. 

July 29th , 2022.
If it isn't restorative, it isn't yoga


Yoga has the potential to restore our wellbeing, range of movement, health and energy. If that potential isn't being met, it isn't yoga.

June 17th , 2022
Acknowledging our limitations


A physical asana practice is helpful in allowing us to sense what is going on, how we feel and how we respond to those sensations. Ultimately, these skills are transferable to how we our lives.

May 20th, 2022
Identifying unhelpful distractions


The skill of our practice is about noticing and tending to anything that disturbs our ability to remain introceptively quiet.

April 8th, 2022
Sensing is an act


What we experience is not through knowledge, but through our ability to sense ourselves continually, from a quiet and kind attentiveness.

March 18th, 2022
No Pain-'Oh, Gain!


Yoga is primarily a way out of suffering. Therefore, we should not be reckless with our body, in order to perform postures. Pain is a very clear sign that something needs to change.

Feb 25th, 2022
Sense of self is our starting point


Our nervous system has evolved to keep us informed and safe within the world. Through our nervous system, we sense ourselves as a starting point to any yoga practice. This is explored throughout the class.

Feb 4th, 2022
Shhhhhhhhhoulders Pt1


Due to emotional reflexes within the body being continually triggered by life's events, it's no wonder that the shoulders need a little more attention. Here is an opportunity to be more attentive to their needs.

Jan 14th, 2022
Cultivating space


Do we have a practice which cultivates a sense of space within ourselves, rather than trying to fill these voids. We take the opportunity to reflect on this important approach, and acknowledge ourselves with space. 

Nov 19th, 2021
Slowing down, may provide the
alternative back drop

Life seems to be getting faster, and we can often feel if we don't keep up, we may loose our way. If we really want to learn and understand these habits, we have to slow down and drop in this alternative backdrop.

Oct 29th, 2021
Meditation isn't what you think


I feel uncomfortable around the word meditation, as it been taught as something we do. On the contrary, it's a by product of paying attention to our actions.

Oct 1st, 2021
Quiet the mind, open the heart


Not through aggressive backends, but by becoming quiet and sensitive enough, to what we may be resisting. This is a natural response to stress and disorientation. We explore a comfortable and kind approach.

Sept 10th, 2021
It's not about feeling a certain way, but feeling the way you feel

We often get frustrated by expecting to feel a certain way. Yoga is a helpful way to observe how we really are, rather than expecting to be something we are not.

   Aug 6th, 2021,
Let go from the get-go


How refreshing to let go of the distractions of our responsibilities for 75 minutes, and reorientate ourselves towards something consistent, and effortless.

 June 28th, 2021
A 15 minute self reflection

This 15 minute self reflective practice is seated, and allows us to drop in to where we are without any expectations. 

June 21st, 2024.
Narrowing the gap.... (75 mins)


We can often feel the disconnect between mind and body. This is in constant flux, and is deeply influenced by our current life circumstances. Perhaps a useful enquiry is, how we use the practice, to narrow the gap.

May 30th, 2024.
Where the suppleness... (60 mins) engaged

The release of the body is not something the practitioner does. It is something that is given, when it coalesces in to a harmony and wholeness of movement. 

May 9th, 2024.
Alignment is holistic... (60 mins)


...not mechanistic. When we are distracted by mechanical alignment, we unnecessarily increase physical tension. When our interest is holistic alignment, we reduce physical tension.

April 18th, 2024.
Meeting our needs..... (80mins)


Our ability to listen to the body is the primary objective. Other than the basic's are we able to understand the needs of the body. Contrary to popular belief, the body doesn't need to be continually stretched, but to be listened to!

March 28th, 2024.
A lack of ambition..... (60mins)


We can often become distracted by where we want to be, rather than paying attention to where we are. Letting go of ambition, allows us to experience the deep joy of a personal yoga practice!

Feb 29th, 2024.
Stability promotes mobility (60mins)


If balance and movement are to be functional, we must explore grounding, losing tension and paying attention, to promote mobility through stability.

Feb 9th, 2024.
Undoing-ness (75 mins)


We can assist the body in this undoing-ness, but ultimately, it has to come from the intelligence of the organism, and not from unnecessary effort. The body has to learn to undo and let go.

Jan 19th, 2024.

The word resolution comes from the latin root, solvere, meaning to loosen, melt or release.Yoga is something within us, that can't be sought externally. Therefore, if we resolve what is getting in our way, we reveal yoga.

Dec 1st, 2023.
Deep yoga

Deep Yoga refers to our ability to let go, and drop in to the feeling of oneself, rather than our ability to push in to positions. This is a private, interconnected space, that is personal and immovable.  

Nov 10th, 2023.
Down to earth 

How we meet the earth, informs the whole organism, allowing us to move with the slightest of effort. The parts of the body that are in contact with the ground are alive, and lightness comes from that contact.

Oct 19th, 2023.
Prioritise the breath 

By prioritising the breath, we are led from the physical practice, to a spiritual experience.

Sept 29th, 2023.
Being is the predominant experience 

Being is the predominant experience.
As the movements are a local experience within the broader field of being, can we become comfortable and quiet enough to reveal this fact through our sensations.

Sept 1st, 2023.
The language of presence 

The body uses its own language, and it is constantly talking to us. When the body communicates, it's always in the present moment. Many people are unable or unwilling to listen in their first language.........body.

Aug 11th, 2023.
Losing habitual tension

Our ability to lose habitual tension in the body is an important part of the physical practice. Are we able to skilfully organise the bones, so our muscles have less work to do.

July 21st, 2023.
A place of being.

Yoga is defined by meditation, and meditation can only arise from a place of being. Therefore, we are learning to be.

June 30th, 2023.
Our mat acts as a reminder.

When we get caught up in the pace of life, poses are rushed through, and as a result, there is little time to arrive, root down and be still. To cultivate a medative awareness, requires a slowly down, waiting and watching. 

June 9th, 2023.
Rewilding the hips.

Our bodies have evolved for ground based sitting. However, due to modern day living, the ball and socket joint of the hips, is being reduced to a hinge joint. Potentially, this can lead to poor health, and reduced mobility.

May 5th, 2023.
Returning to wholeness.

The word health or healing derive from the old English word, whole. Yoga is about complete wellbeing, or a reconnection to wholeness, and a retuning to health.

April 6th, 2023.
A Yoga space.

Yoga is experienced within space, when the noise and distractions subside. When this is realised, we can begin to slip in to a sense of space wherever we are. Our actions can either reveal is conceal our natural spaces.

March 16th, 2023.
Time to reconnect.(60 mins)

The opportunity to bring mind to body, body to floor, and floor to breath in a meaningful way, is through sensitivity, and any form of bracing, prevents us from feeling the pathways within the body. 

February 24th, 2023.
Be moved, by the breath.

Just listen to the body, let the breath touch the spine, and then move. You follow, you don't impose, you follow. (Sandra Sabatini)

Is there a way of dropping deeply towards the breath, and be moved by it.

February 3rd, 2023.
beginners mind.

Can we move towards postures, without relying on what we have done before, and see them through a beginners mind. If we can approach them in this way, we respond to what is happening in the present.

January 13th, 2023.
Free breathing. other words, losing tension. When we lose tension, and are able to acknowledge free breathing, our voluntary movements make way for our involuntary movements. This is the beginning of a yoga practice.

November 11th, 2022.
You, witnessing yourself.

When we are able to drop in to a quiet sense of self, we can just be a witness, without trying to change or pursue anything. Our practice provides a portal to enter this space.

October 28th, 2022.
Dropping in to our mechanical spaces.

Mechanical space provides the potential for freedom. The body moves in relationship to itself and our environment, communicating and organising itself within space. Can we support this potential? 

October 7th , 2022.
Yoga gives us more choice.


If we regularly explore our repertoire of movement, we are less likely to become fixed or limited to what we can do. Our Yoga mat provides the perfect space to make this enquiry.

September 12th , 2022.
Non conflicting effort.

If our intention is to reduce unnecessary muscular activity, and notice accumulated tension, then measured effort is vital.

August 19th , 2022.
Giving mind to body.


When we give mind to body, there is no room for thought to form. The sensations within the body however, can draw us in and quieten the mind, or can potentially disturb and stimulate the mind. You choose!

July 15th , 2022
Finding the place of maximum release.

When we find a place of maximum release, balance is a consequence. Equally, if we are unstable, tension and stiffness is a consequence. Here, we use this as our enquiry to deeper exploration.

June 10th , 2022
Yoga is emotional teeth cleaning.


A regular (daily!!) yoga practice is an essential way to check in on ourselves.We have been conditioned to clean our teeth twice daily, but there has been little encouragement to regularly reflect upon how we are doing.

May 6th, 2022
Don't just do something, sit there.


Just to experience such sustained elemental stillness outwardly and the interior silence that can accompany it is ample reason for arranging ones life to cultivate and breathe this possibility. (JBZ)

April 1st, 2022
Coming to our senses


We are becoming more reliant on outsourcing our senses, which in turn diminishes our ability to self regulate. Self regulation is essential for our health, and dropping in to our senses is maybe just what we need. 

March 11th, 2022
Unhindered movement
begins with grounding

It's in the releasing of muscles, which permits freedom of movement. The ability to find skeletal support through our points of contact, is a vital one, to unhindered movement.

Feb 18th, 2022
Your body is your subconscious mind


With the understanding that our body is our unconscious mind, we should therefore enter the tissues with care, patience and self compassion. 

Date: Jan 28th, 2022
A refined approach


The asana (postures) are a container for an experience, and not a way of blindly repeating movements. if we are interested in yoga, we have to be interested in how we can refine our approach.

Dec 3rd, 2022
A downward dog is for life,
not just for Christmas

We will be richly rewarded by cultivating a regular practice throughout our lives. This is a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one!  

Nov 12th, 2021
Postures aren't something to be held


We are the postures, and therefore, the postures are moving, breathing and attending. They are not something we get in to and hold until we are told to come out.

Oct 15th, 2021
Changing behaviour through our neural perception

Within every practice, I encourage students to respond to how they feel. This is the role of our nervous system, to inform us, and to keep us safe. This is often over looked as yoga students.

Sept 24th, 2021
Can we meet this moment in it's fulness, without adding anything extra

Can we meet the moment to moment breath and movement, by simply experiencing it in its fulness, rather than trying to add something extra.

Aug 27th, 2021
An attentive mind is an empty mind


When we are fully attentive, our minds don't accumulate, but simply observe what is. We are therefore not thinking, but experiencing.

 July 30th, 2021 
Learning to stand on our own two feet


In this practice, we explore how our feet provide the structural support for the whole body.

Before participating in any of these recorded classes,  please take the time to ensure you are practising in a safe environment, with sufficient clear space around you. You know your body best, and are therefore responsible for ensuring that you look after yourself by adapting and modifying postures according to your personal range of movement, and to stop any practices that make you feel unwell. As these classes are recorded, and I am unable to give advice or modifications, please stay as present as possible, and be lead by your own experience. 

Please be aware, that you practice yoga at your own risk. It is highly unlikely, but if you have any concerns during practice, please stop immediately.

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